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“Crusades: Myth and Realities”

8 Centuries of myth and realities
Nicosia, 1 December Rent a business jet-6 February 2005
Athens, 21 February-20 May 2005
Amalfi, 3 June- 20 August 2005
Valetta, 25 September 2005-15 January 2006

‘Crusades: Myth and Realities’, a touring exhibition of great historic and archeological importance constitutes the first act of the Project ‘Crossings’ implemented in the context of the ‘Culture 2000’ European Commission Programme.
The theme of this historic exhibition is the influence the Crusades had on Mediterranean cultures starting from the beginning of the Crusades in the 11th century until the abolition of the Order of St. John in 1798. More than 120 finds from 20 museums and private collections in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta will be exhibited most of which are presented for the first time: 13th to 16th century ecclesiastic icons and frescos, architectural sculptures from gothic temples, Knights’ arms, portraits of the Grand Masters of the Knights Hospital of the Order of St. John, coins and ceramic vessels testify to interaction between the East and West.

The exhibition was first hosted at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre associated with Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art. The second stop of the exhibition is the Foundation of Hellenic World in Athens, Greece. Then it will be presented at Amalfi, Italy and finally in Valeta, Malta.

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