Pierides Archaeological Museum, Laiki Group Cultural Centre

The Pierides Museum can be characterised one of the most important museums of Cyprus since the collection contains the most important and characteristic presentation of Cyprus civilization through the centuries. The archaeological collection is housed in the residence of the Pierides family, built in 1815, where the visitor can travel through the ages covering 9000 years of the island’s history, beginning from Neolithic times through to the Bronze Age, Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine-Medieval age.A very important cartography collection of old maps and charts of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean is also housed in the Pierides Museum, as well as the prized collection of Greek and Roman glassware.Finally in the garden of the museum, the visitor can stroll through a modern sculpture gallery with works by important Greek and Cypriot artists.

Laiki Group has now undertaken the reservation and conservation of the collections of The Pierides Museum, through the establishment of a trust between The Pierides Foundation and The Laiki Group Cultural Centre on the 10th of August 2000. The Laiki Group with its discernible policy for social and cultural contribution has undertaken the continuation and preservation of Cyprus historical heritage as it is presented through the valuable collections of the Pierides Museum.

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