Permanent Collection of Modern Greek Engravings

The Pierides Foundation of Modern Greek Engravings Collection is permanently hosted at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre associated with the Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art. The Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) undertook the permanent sponsorship for the exhibition of this Collection as a part of its celebration for its 50 years of existence.

New additions are continuously made to this vast and comprehensive collection. It includes more than 200 original wood engravings, copper engravings and oxigraphies, lithographies as well as hand-made silk-screen prints that cover a 75-year spectrum of creation of distinguished Greek and Cypriot engravers.

The Collection includes works of all Greek Masters since 1920 thus giving the visitor the opportunity to get to know the ever so important work of Demetris Galanis (1879 Athens – 1956 Athens) the first Greek partner in the French Academy, works from two pioneer artists from Corfu Lykourogos Kogevinas (1887 Corfu – 1940 Athens) and Markos Zavitsianos (1884 Constantinople – 1923 Lozane) and of course the work of Nicolaos Venturas (1899 Corfu – 1990 Corfu), Zavitsianos’s sole pupil.

At the same time, the art lovers will be given the opportunity to familiarize with the work of the Great Master Yiannis Kefallinos (1894 Alexandria – 1957 Athens) who inspired Telemachos Kanthos (1910 Alona Pitsilias, Cyprus – 1993 Nicosia), Tassos (Alevizos) (1914 Messini – 1985 Athens), Vasos Katrakis (1914 Aetoliko Messologgiou – 1989 Athens), Constantinos Grammatopoulos (1916 Athens), Georgios Velissarides (1909 Trapezounta, Minor Asia – 1994 Athens), Georgios Moshos (1906 Alexandroupoli – 1990 Athens), Polyklitos Reggos (1903 Naxos – 1984 Salonica) as well as the work of many other important artists.

The Collection also includes works of the first generation of engravers such as that of Angelos Theodoropoulos (1889 Athens – 1965 Athens), Efthymios Papademetriou (1895 Athens – 1959 Athens), Demetris Yiannourakis (1900 Syros – 1991 Athens), Alexandros Koroyiannakis (1906 Megara – 1966 Athens), Georgios Sikeliotis (1917 Smyrna – 1984 Athens) along with the most recent creations of Panayiotis Tetsis (1925 Hydra), Tonia Nicolaidou (1927 Athens), Christos Karas (1930 Trikala, Thessalia), Panayiotis Papadakis (1934 Crete), Demetris Mytaras (1934 Chalkida), Alecos Phasianos (1935 Athens), Vasilis Charou (1938 Kythera), Achelleas Drouggas (1940 Pereaus) as well as the work of younger artists such as Michalis Arfaras (1954 Athens), Manonis Charou (1960 Kythera) and many others.

The Collection also includes etchings of the after Kanthos era from Chambis (Tsangaris), Lefteris Economou, Christos Christou, Panayiotis Larkou, Costas Economou, Evgenia Vasiloudi.

The Collection of Modern Greek Engravings was initiated by Mr Demetris Z. Pierides in 1975 since he strongly believed that an art gallery ought to include apart from paintings, sculptures and installations engravings as well. Mr Pierides donated his collection to the Pierides Foundation in 1999.

Many thanks are in order for Mr Panayiotis Gravallos for his donation of 26 exceptionally beautiful copper engravings and 2 engraving plates, to the wife of the deceased Demetris Yiannoukakis for the donation of 8 copper engravings and 3 wood engravings, and last but not least to Mr Alecos Fasianos for his donation of all the engravings that constitute part of the collection, as well as to all the engravers who have donated and dedicated their works of art to the Founder of this Collection.

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