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Municipal Museum of Marine Life

The Tornaritis - Pierides Municipal Museum of Marine Life was founded in June 1992 in Agia Napa and since 1997 it operates with the cooperation of the Hellenic Bank.

It is the first museum of its kind in Cyprus with exhibits of past and present marine life, scientifically classified. Its main purpose is to show to the Cypriot and foreign visitor the marine fauna of Cyprus and the Mediterranean, helping the study and research of this part of this part of Natural History, but also to stress the importance and necessity of preserving the marine environment.

Some of the exhibits of the Marine Life Museum are:

  • A reconstruction of the sea bed of the age of the dinosaurs with fossils of shells, sponges, corals, ammonites and rudists of the late Cretaceous period
    (130 to 65 million years).
  • Fossils of fish of the Mesozoic period ( 220 to 65 million years.).
  • Fossils of fish and marine organisms such as shells, barnacles, corals and many others found in various parts of Cyprus.
  • Recent shells of the Cyprus and Greek seas.
  • Various sea and lake birds in their natural habitat.
  • Various marine organisms such as sea- urchins, starfish, crabs, lobsters, sponges, corals, sea fans, marine plants and others.
  • Sea turtles in their natural habitat at the time of laying eggs.
  • Stuffed fish of the Cyprus and Greek seas.
  • Various photographs and films of sea life.
  • Aquariums with fish from the lakes.

There is also a small souvenir shop within the Marine Life Museum which sells minerals, fossils, key rings, cups, post cards and books.
It must be pointed out that all the exhibits were collected whenever they had already died: not a singe specimen was removed alive from its natural environment.
The Agia Napa Municipality has kindly offered the necessary exhibition space and all the facilities for the proper function of the Museum in its effort to create a cultural nucleus in this lovely seaside resort.

Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday: 9.00- 14.00
Saturday: 9.00 – 13.00
Sunday: closed.

Entrance fee:
Adults £1.00
Children £0.50

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