Municipal Museum of Paleontology

The Municipal Museum of Paleontology opened to the public in November 1996 and is the first of its kind in Cyprus and indeed in the Middle East. It Contains a unique foreign and Cypriot collection of fossils from the earliest forms of life on Earth, some of which are over 500 million years old. This unique collection is the property of the Marine Life Foundation Tornarities-Pierides.

The Municipal Museum of Paleontology is a permanent fixture in Larnaca. The Foundation Committee will from time to time change and add to the collection. The Museum is located within the five stone-built colonial style Customs warehouses, which were built by the British in 1881/2 and forms the New Municipal Cultural Centre of Larnaca.

As the exhibits within the museum were once living organisms it offers a fascinating inside of how life evolved and become extinct on Earth. Extinct groups such as trilobites, ammonites, rudists and even remains of the pygmy hippopotamus and pygmy elephants which once lived on Cyprus, are represented in the Museum.

The Museum attracts many thousands of visitors a year and many of these are organized school groups including foreign schools visiting Cyprus.

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