Thrace - Aegean - Cyprus Program

The ‘Nautilus’ educational programme is the suggestion for the production of an educational interactive CD-ROM on the history, archeology, culture, economy and foreign affairs of Thrace, the Aegean and Cyprus during the Copper Age and the creation of a web site, which will promote the undertaken project.

‘Nautilus’ is an educational programme, a game of mystery to be more precise, addressed to students of 13-17 years of age. The subject of the game is the journey of a 5-crew vessel shipping from Thrace and traveling to Cyprus through the Aegean in prehistoric times.

The aim of the programme is for the child to combine the information he obtains from different cognitive objects as well as the familiarization of the students with the ancient civilizations of three different areas. The main aim of the programme is its utilization as a tool in secondary education.

This programme will be completed in 2006.

Sponsoring Body:

Name: Pierides Foundation, Cyprus
Address: 19, Apostolou Varnava Str., Nicosia, 1500 Cyprus
Telephone No.: 0035722432577, Fax: 0035722432531

Contact Person regarding the proposal (Project Scientist): Dr. Sophia Antoniadou
Address: Pierides Museum of Ancient Cypriot Art,
34-36 Kastorias Str.,
104-47 Athens, Greece

Telephone No.: 00302103480000, Fax: 00302103480007

Cooperating Bodies:

Name: Pancyprian Gymnasium
Address: Archbishop Kyprianos Square, Nicosia
Telephone No.: 0035722461711, Fax: 0035722430915
Email: mailto:pan pierides@hotmail.com

Name: Rhodes 1st Lyceum
Address: 11 C. Palaeologos Str., 85100 Rhodes
Telephone No.: 003022410-28701, Fax: 003022410-28701

Name: Syros 2nd Lyceum
Address: Livadia Manna-Ermoupoli, 84100 Syros
Telephone No.: 003022810-84066, 003022810-77616
Fax: 003022810-84066

Supporting Body
Name: Institute of Cultural and Educational Technology
Address: 58, Tsimiski, 671 00 Xanthi
Telephone No.: 003025410-75946, Fax: 003025410-63656

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